You have no reason to not get fit while you’re in our Palm Beach Resort Apartments

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You have no excuse to discontinue your fitness regimen while you’re in our Palm Beach Resort Apartments.

Our resort offer facilities to make your stay not just positively memorable, it also helps you get fit even while you’re on holiday.

Burn off any excess calories you might have via our Tennis Court. Start your day with an enjoyable doubles game. A good and invigorating game could even help you unwind and de-stress.

If you want to exercise in the middle of nature, you can easily do so.

Our Palm Beach Resort Apartments is near the tranquil Palm Beach. Feel free to  surf, walk, brisk walk, run, jog or stroll to your heart’s content. The beach won the state’s Cleanest Beach Award for two years.

After a mild or intense exercise, feel free to give yourself a much-deserved break. Relax, lie down and have fun by the sparkling waters and the beach’s golden sand. Snapper Rocks, Kirra and Burleigh are also available for those who want to surf.

If you prefer to further explore nature while engaging in a strenuous physical activity, you can go to stunning hinterland walks.

Make sure to have fun while also doing the physical activities.

Feel free to relax by going on a picnic amidst the lush and dense forest.

Head back to your home away from home after a full day of enjoyable exercise. Our Palm Beach Resort Apartments welcomes you with open arms.

Then, relax and rejuvenate your tired muscles in our heated pool and solar heated spa. Feel the tension from your muscles dissolve.  

What are you waiting for?

Our Palm Beach Resort Apartments is near the Coast’s least crowded beaches.

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